Daily Scientific Program

Day 1, Oct. 5 (Fri)


Place: TBD

Precongress workshop 1

Practical Implementation of Ketogenic Therapy I 13:00-15:10

[13:00-13:40]  Introduction to the ketogenic dietEric Kossoff (USA)
[13:40-14:20]  Overview of the mechanisms of the ketogenic dietJong Rho (Canada)
[14:20-15:00]  Indication of the ketogenic diet (epilepsy, autism, brain cancer and other neurologic disorders) Ingrid Scheffer (Australia)



Place: TBD

Precongress workshop 2

Practical Implementation of Ketogenic Therapy II 15:30-17:00

[15:30-16:00]  Diverse ketogenic therapies (Classic, Atkins, Modified Atkins, and Low glycemic index treatment)Elizabeth Thiele (USA)
[16:00-16:30]  Practical dietary procedure for ketogenic therapies Beth Zupec-Kania Meredith Hornbuckle Lisa Vanatta (USA)
[16:30-17:00]  Management and prevention for complications of the ketogenic therapiesJoo Hee Seo (USA)
Place: TBD

Welcome Reception


Day 2, Oct. 6 (Sat)


Place: TBD



[08:00-08:15]  WelcomeHeung Dong Kim, Jong Rho, Jim & Nancy Abrahams
Place: TBD

Special lecture I

Revisiting the Ketogenic Diet and Related Therapies in the Modern Era08:15-08:45

[08:15-08:45]  Revisiting the Ketogenic Diet and Related Therapies in the Modern EraHeung Dong Kim (Korea)
Place: TBD

Multisession 1

Dietary therapy for epilepsy: Recent update08:45-10:20

[08:45-09:10]  KD therapy and epilepsy geneticsIngrid Scheffer (Australia)
[09:10-09:35]  Impaired signaling pathways in epilepsies and other diseasesAmy Brooks-Kayal (USA )
[09:35-09:55]  Revised recommendation of KD from International ConsensusEric Kossoff (USA)
[09:55-10:15]  Expanding KD therapy from infancy to adultHelen Cross (UK)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 1

KD therapy in epilepsy syndromes 10:40-12:00

[10:40-11:00]  Early onset epileptic encephalopathy (EIEE, WS, etc)Douglas Nordli (USA)
[11:00-11:20]  Dravet syndromeChristina Bergqvist (USA)
[11:20-11:40]  Myoclonic-atonic epilepsyHirokazu Oguni (Japan)
[11:40-12:00]  Structural epilepsyDa Eun Jung (Korea)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 2

Methods for improving KD compliance10:40-12:00

[10:40-11:00]  Premade keto meals, snacks, supplements, and formulasPavel Klein (USA)
[11:00-11:20]  Strategies for providing patient access to diet clinics and dietitian supportJanak Nathan (India)
[11:20-11:40]  Psychological strategies to improve compliance Se Hee Kim (Korea)
[11:40-12:00]  Modified diets for adolescents and adults with intractable epilepsy Antoaneta Balabanov (USA)
Place: TBD

Multisession 2

Delving into the details of ketogenic nutrition 13:30-15:10

[13:30-13:50]  An overview of micronutrients and their potential for insufficiency in KD therapiesHeidi Pfeifer (USA)
[13:50-14:10]  Supplementing with nutrients that may benefit KD therapy; Vitamin D, electrolyteds, carnitine and othersDenise Potter (USA)
[14:10-14:30]  Fats and oils contribute important nutrients to ketogenic therapiesKelly Roehl (USA)
[14:30-14:50]  Constipation, renal stones and acute illnesses on ketogenic dietEunjoo Lee (Korea)
[14:50-15:10]  Evidence of KD in adultMackenzie Cervenka (USA)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 3

Individualized diet therapy - Choosing the right KD therapy for the right patient 15:30-17:10

[15:30-15:55]  Use of the KD therapy in neonatesLindsey Thompson (USA)
[15:55-16:20]  LGIT for Angelman syndromeElizabeth Thiele (USA)
[16:20-16:45]  KD for Rett syndromePi-Lien Hung (Taiwan)
[16:45-17:10]  KD therapy for mitochondrial disorders Young Mock Lee (Korea)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 4

Basic research for testing KD therapies15:30-17:10

[15:30-15:50]  Understanding KD with rodent epilepsy modelsDo-Young Kim (USA)
[15:50-16:10]  Yeast models move understanding of ketogenic mechanismsRobin Williams (UK)
[16:10-16:30]  Cellular insights into KD therapiesSimon Heales (UK)
[16:30-16:50]  KD efficacy in rodent glioma modelsSeok-Gu Kang (Korea)
[16:50-17:10]  Optogenetic approachesEunji Cheong (Korea)

Day 3, Oct. 7 (Sun)


Place: TBD

Special lecture Ⅱ

Basic mechanism of KD action08:00-08:30

[08:00-08:30]  Basic mechanism of KD actionJong Rho (Canada)
Place: TBD

Multisession 3

Recent and future of clinical trials on KD in the epilepsy field08:30-10:20

[08:30-09:00]  Clinical trial designs for rare diseases - new ways of thinkingSabine Scholl-Bürgi (Australia)
[09:00-09:30]  Clinical trial design for KD therapies - promoting international collaborationKi Joong Kim (Korea)
[09:30-10:00]  Designing a KD study with gut microbiotaSe Heon Kim (Korea)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 5

Brain-Gut inter-relationships10:40-12:00

[10:40-11:00]  What is the impact of the microbiome on brain cellular metabolism?Jong Rho (Canada)
[11:00-11:20]  An overview of human and model organism microbiomesIn-gul Choi (Korea)
[11:20-11:40]  Potential role of microbiota in immunity and epilepsyDerrick Chan (Singapore)
[11:40-12:00]  Effects of the KD in experimental models of neurological diseaseJane Shearer (Canada)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 6

KD therapies and sleep10:40-12:00

[10:40-11:00]  KD treatment and sleep in epilepsyMing-Yu Chang (Taiwan)
[11:00-11:20]  Mediterranean diet and sleepFabio Galvano (Italy)
[11:20-11:40]  Intermittent fasting and sleepHyang Woon Lee (Korea)
[11:40-12:00]  Temporal effects of the KD on cardiac-respiratory pathology in a model of SUDEP Kristina Simeone (USA)
Place: TBD

Multisession 4

KD for status epilepticus13:30-15:10

[13:30-13:55]  KD therapy for super-refractory status epilepticusMackenzie Cervenka (USA)
[13:55-14:20]  Pearls and pitfalls for emergency KD use in PediatricsRima Nabbout (France)
[14:20-14:45]  Parenteral VS enteral ketosis induction in super-refractory status epilepticusSirinuch Chomtho (Thailand)
[14:45-15:10]  Favorable factors for ketogenic diet response in super-refractory status epilepticusJeehun Lee (Korea)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 7

Glut1-Deficiency and ketogenic diets : past, presence and future15:30-17:10

[15:30-15:50]  Clinical spectrum and genetic mechanism of GLUT1-DSYasushi Itoh (Japan)
[15:50-16:10]  Have we done wrong? Long term follow-up of cardiovascular risk factors in Glut1 Deficiency treated with ketogenic diet therapiesNicole Heussinger (Germany)
[16:10-16:30]  Use and potential of the modified Atkins Diet in Glut1DJeong A Kim (USA)
[16:30-16:50]  The future therapy of Glut1D; triheptanoin and ketoesters Hoon-Chul Kang (Korea)
[16:50-17:10]  Glut1D and ketogenic diets : where will we be in 2025?Joerg Klepper (Germany)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 8

Basic research for KD therapies15:30-17:10

[15:30-15:55]  Regulation of systemic infalmmation by metabolic substratesEmily Goldberg (USA)
[15:55-16:20]  Anti-inflammatory targets for epilepsy: drugs vs. dietsSookyong Koh (USA)
[16:20-16:45]  Role of KD therapy in autoimmune encephalitis I-Jun Chou (Taiwan)
[16:45-17:10]  Clinical studies and anti-inflammatory mechanisms of diet treatmentsStephane Auvin (France)

Day 4, Oct. 8 (Mon)


Place: TBD

Special lecture Ⅲ

Disease-modifying, Anti-epileptogenic, and Neuroprotective Effects of the Ketogenic Diet: Clinical implications08:00-08:30

[08:00-08:30]  Disease-modifying, Anti-epileptogenic, and Neuroprotective Effects of the Ketogenic Diet: Clinical implicationsMichael Wong (USA)
Place: TBD

Multisession 5

Identifying signaling pathways targeted by KD : First steps towards precision medicine 08:30-10:20

[08:30-08:55]  Metabolomic identification of altered signaling pathways by KDManisha Patel (USA)
[08:55-09:20]  Ketone bodies as signaling molecules or PPAR-mediated signaling by the KDTim Simeone (Canada)
[09:20-09:45]  Inhibition of mTOR pathway by the KD Michael Wong (USA)
[09:45-10:10]  Metabolic dysfunction underlying autism spectrum disorder and potential treatment approachesSusan Masino (USA)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 9

Expanding the use of the KD therapy 10:40-12:00

[10:40-10:55]  Modified diets for better compliance, including non-traditional useBobbie Henry-Barron (USA)
[10:55-11:10]  KD therapy for autism spectrum disorder Ning Cheng (Canada)
[11:10-11:25]  KD therapy for cognitive impairment, mental retardation and Alzheimer's diseaseDanna Zhu (China)
[11:25-11:40]  KD therapy after resected pancreatic cancer Chang Moo Kang (Korea)
[11:40-11:55]  KD therapy for brainstem tumorsKuang Lin-Lin (Taiwan)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 10

Expansion to Asia : Bringing ketogenic therapies to our region I10:40-12:00

[10:40-10:55]  Multi-center control trial for Ketogenic diet treating West syndrome in Chinese patients Yuwu Jiang (China)
[10:55-11:10]  China : helping build centers for excellence Liao Jianxiang (China)
[11:10-11:25]  Indian PerspectiveJanak Nathan Suvasini Sharma (India)
[11:25-11:40]  Experience of KD: Malaysian perspectiveTeik Beng Khoo (Malyasia)
[11:40-11:55]  Experience with the Ketogenic Diet in the PhilippinesBenilda Sanchez-Gan (Philippines)
Place: TBD

Parallel Session 11

Diverse targets with mTOR pathway disorders for diet therapies13:30-15:00

[13:30-14:00]  The mTOR pathway as a target for dietary therapy in epilepsy and related disordersMichael Wong (USA)
[14:00-14:30]  GATOR complex genes as a potential therapeutic targets of diet therapyStéphanie Baulac (France)
[14:30-14:50]  Diet therapy for the management of epilepsy associated to toropathiesHoon-Chul Kang (Korea)
Place: TBD

Implementation and global application

Expansion to Asia : Bringing ketogenic therapies to our region II13:30-15:00

[13:30-13:45]  Experience of the KD : the Parkistani perspectiveShahnaz Ibrahim (Pakistan)
[13:45-14:00]  Experience of the KD from Saudi ArabiaAdel Mahmoud (Saudi Arabia)
[14:00-14:15]  Experience from South AfricaKath Megaw (South Africa)
[14:15-14:30]  KD Experience in Thailand Krisnachai Chomtho (Thailand)
[14:30-14:45]  Experience of the keto diet: An Iranian perspectiveParvaneh Karimzadeh (Iran)
Place: TBD

Hand Over Session


[15:20-15:30]  Hand Over Session by Heung Dong KimHeung Dong Kim (Korea)
[15:30-15:40]  Hand Over Session by Helen CrossHelen Cross (UK)
[15:40-15:50]  Hand Over Session by Emma Williams Emma Williams (UK)
Place: TBD

Regional committee meeting


Place: TBD

Gala Dinner


Day 5, Oct. 9 (Tue)


Place: TBD

Family support group 1

Preparing a family for the KD therapy09:00-12:00

[09:00-09:30]  Caring for a child with epilepsySookyong Koh (USA)
[09:30-10:00]  Bringing parents to the tableNatasha Schoeler (UK)
[10:00-10:30]  Nursing know-how in diet complianceBrialie Forster (Australia)
[10:30-11:00]  How parent support groups may helpEmma Williams (UK)
[11:00-11:30]  Support from Charlie foundationJim/Nancy Abrahams (USA)
[11:30-12:00]  Psychological support for family with intractable epilepsyTBD (TBD)
Place: TBD

The keto workshop for dietitians

Ketogenic diet meal planning strategies 09:00-12:00

[09:00-09:30]  Initiation of the KDElizabeth Neal (UK)
[09:30-10:00]  Monitoring and supplementation of the KDHeidi Pfeifer (USA)
[10:00-10:30]  Sharing KD recipes and cooking demonstrations Eunjeung Choi (Korea)
[10:30-11:00]  KD therapy for malignancy Songmi Lee (Korea)
[11:00-11:30]  Mobile apps for KD meal planningEunjoo Lee (Korea)
[11:30-12:00]  Application of cooking oils for the KD recipeHsiu-Fen Lee (Taiwan)