How to get to Jeju, Korea

There are three ways to fly to Jeju Island: direct international flight, transfer from Incheon International Airport for domestic flight to Jeju, or transfer to Gimpo Airport from Incheon International Airport by ground transportation (bus, train) for domestic flight to Jeju.


Direct International Flights
China Beijing, Guiyang, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Shenyang, Tianjin
Japan Tokyo, Osaka
Taiwan Taipei
Vietnam Hochimin (Hochimin-Jeju Arrival Only)
*As of August, 2017


Transfer from Incheon International Airport for domestic flight to Jeju

39 major international airlines from 23 countries provide regular flight services between Incheon International Airport and other major cities worldwide.


Transfer to Gimpo Airport for flight to Jeju

There are 50 to 70 flights every day from Gimpo Airport to Jeju. National carriers including Korea Air and Asiana Airlines operate at 15 to 20 minute intervals from 06:55 to 20:50. Flight time is about 50 minutes. Upon arriving in Incheon International Airport, you may take an airport limousine bus to Gimpo Airport. It takes about 30 minutes, and the fare is KRW 6,000. The airport limousine bus runs every day from 05:00 to 21:30 at 5 to 10 minute intervals


How to get to Venue

Venue Information
International Convention Center Jeju

ICC JEJU (International Convention Center JEJU) is located in the Jungmun Tourist Complex with the cobalt blue Northern Pacific ocean stretching to the south and towering Mt. Hallasan to the north. Spreading over an area of more than 5,000㎡, the world-class convention center is a seven story building. Artfully blending tourist resources and convention facilities, this resort-style convention center is fully equipped for international meetings of any scale, and also provides professional logistic support for hosting events.

Venue ICC JEJU (International Convention Center JEJU)
Address 224, Jungmungwangwang-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 63547, Korea
Telephone +82-64-735-1000
FAX ++82-64-738-8988


Access to ICC JEJU from Jeju International Airport

Jeju International Airport


By Limousine
Bus No. Bus Type Bus Stop Travel Time Arrival Station Bus Fare


(Jeju International Airport

International Convention Center Jeju)
Limousine Left side of 5 Gate
(1st Floor)
Approx. 60mins Jeju International Convention Center KRW4,500
(one way)
Airport → T.H.E. Hotel and Vegas Casino Jeju → Entrance to the Yeomiji Botanical Garden → Hyatt Hotel → Shilla Hotel → Lotte Hotel → Hankook Condominium → Jeju International Convention Center (Venue) → New Gyeongnam Hotel → Seogwipo KAL Hotel


By Taxi
Taxi Stop Long-distance taxi stop
Travel Time 40-45 minutes
Distance 40km
Fare Approx. KRW 30,000


By Rental Car

Advanced reservation is recommended if you plan to rent a car.There are car rental companies next to Gate # 2 on the first floor of the Jeju International Airport.

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